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Founded by Ralph Nader, League of Fans is a sports reform project working to improve sports by increasing awareness of the sports industry's relationship to society, exposing irresponsible business practices, ensuring accountability to fans, and encouraging the industry to contribute to societal well-being.

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League of Fans is motivated by people, just like you, who are upset with what has become of our sports and would like to make a difference. We work with concerned citizens, sports fans, civic groups and communities to increase awareness of the sports industry's relationship to society, influence a broad range of issues in sports at all levels and encourage the cooperative capacities that make the "sports powers-that-be" capable of helping, not just dominating, our society and culture.

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We often think of sports as outside the realm of everyday citizen concern. But the many benefits to society that sports can provide are sometimes undermined by a different set of values, often based on the quest for higher and higher profits at the expense of fans, taxpayers, communities, culture and social justice.

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Get Involved! Your involvement will improve sports for communities and fans, and encourage the sports industry to better contribute to societal well-being.

Ralph Nader's letter to the Connecticut Attorney General asking for an evaluation of the New England Patriots stadium deal in Hartford

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
State of Connecticut

Dear Richard:

Since the proposed Patriots' deal involves a contract between the state of Connecticut and a private corporation, your office has a stake in both procedures and substance. You indicated in November that you were calling for the documents. What is your evaluation? Are the people of the state going to hear from you before or after the special session of the legislature tomorrow?

One of the reasons for an independently elected Attorney General is to give that office a base independent of the Governor and the legislature to a significant degree. You've just been elected in a landslide use the authority and the vigilance of your office to urge that the public and the authorities be given a decent interval of time to review this deal that was negotiated in secret and completed between welfare King Robert Kraft and Governor Rowland in an airplane hanger in Plainville, Connecticut.

We look forward to your speaking or making a statement. Taxpayer assets are at stake, among other issues.


Ralph Nader