Nader to DC mayoral candidate Fenty: Do you have a plan to fix the stadium mess?

September 8, 2006

The Honorable Adrian Fenty
Council of the District of Columbia

Dear Mr. Fenty:

With the primaries fast approaching, many voters are waiting for a plan as to what you would do to fix the baseball stadium mess should you become the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

To be sure, during the DC Council stadium debate, you have stood admirably behind the two-thirds of District residents who are against a deal to subordinate their life necessities to developers and Major League Baseball.

But standing behind an overwhelming majority is one thing. DC residents need and expect more from you. Many residents would welcome more programmatic leadership from the leading candidate for Mayor, and are unsure of your willingness to protect DC residents and lead the way to end the stadium debacle. That is, stop the taxpayer giveaway and let the capitalists behave like capitalists.

Voters need to know if you possess the desire to take on power-players like the stadium lobby.

Do you have a plan to get the District of Columbia out of exploitation by the no-cap stadium freeloaders? Would you call a press conference to denounce the stadium legislation? Would you leverage resources behind community leaders, ANC Commissioners, community-based organizations, and residents who want an end to the stadium boondoggle? Would you march in the streets with them?

Would you be their leader?


Ralph Nader
Washington, DC

P.O. Box 19367
Washington, DC 20036