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Fenway Park is Saved! - Statement by League of Fans (3/23/05)

Ralph Nader and Save Fenway Park! release economic report showing that the Red Sox are financially competitive at Fenway Park Press Release / Report (6/13/01)

Ralph Nader criticizes majority of Massachusetts Legislature for taxpayer giveaway (8/6/00)

Ralph Nader's letter to Boston Red Sox owner John Harrington opposing his plans to replace Fenway Park (6/19/00)

Ralph Nader's op-ed opposing taxpayer subsidies for a new stadium to replace Fenway Park (3/27/00)

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Media Coverage

"Fenway Park is Saved!," Boston Independant Media Center, March 23, 2005. (action)

"Study Shows Red Sox Financially Competitive at Fenway Park," Common Dreams, June 13, 2001. (action)

Ron Kampeas, "Sports Fans Organizing to Protest 'Corporate Welfare'," Associated Press, April 27, 2001.

"The Home Field Advantage," The Riverdeep Current, December 12, 2000. (action)

Steve Marantz, "Nader urges Green vote to send Dems a message," Boston Herald, September 27, 2000.

Randy Divinski, "Saving Fenway Park," Elysian Fields Quarterly, Fall, 2000 (Vol. 17 / No. 4), pp 51-54. (action) / (action) / (action)

Ben Geman, "Nader says no to new Fenway," Boston Phoenix, March 30, 2000. (action)

Ralph Nader, "Stadium subsidies scalp the public," Boston Globe, March 27, 2000. (action)

Meg Vaillancourt, "Nader blasts Red Sox on ballpark plan, instead, he says, team should fund Fenway upgrades," Boston Globe, March 26, 2000. (action)

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