League of Fans' Washington Post letter to the editor on baseball stadium lease negotiations in DC

Who's at Fault in the Stadium Standoff

Letter to the Editor: Washington Post - Wednesday, January 11, 2006; Page A20

In his Jan. 3 op-ed, "Why the Stadium Deal Isn't Done," Major League Baseball President Bob DuPuy wrote as though baseball were performing a humanitarian service against its interest by relocating the Montreal Expos to Washington.

The D.C. area's huge population and media share, the Washington Nationals' financial success in 2005, and the league's anticipation of $450 million in franchise sale proceeds show that the District is the only choice for the Nats.

Rather than disparage D.C. Council members who realize how unworkable the stadium deal is and who refuse to embrace such a giveaway, Mr. DuPuy should be concerned about blowing baseball's chance to get the council to approve the stadium lease by baseball holding on to every dime and making only token concessions.

Shawn McCarthy
Director, League of Fans

(Note: The above letter is in response to the following op-ed by Major League Baseball President Bob DuPuy)

Why the Stadium Deal Isn't Done
By Bob DuPuy
Tuesday, January 3, 2006; Page A17

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