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Ralph Nader praises "civic courage" of Denver Post for ignoring corporate stadium hustle (8/8/01)

Ralph Nader's op-ed opposing the sale of naming rights to Denver's new football stadium (1/28/01)

Ralph Nader cites past stadium tax deal blunders as warning to stadium referendum voters in Denver, San Diego and Miami (10/98)

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Media Coverage

James Paton, "Up and Down 17th Street: Invesco may go, but stadium name will sell," Rocky Mountain News, November 23, 2005. (Naming Rights)

Michael McCarthy, "Dot-coms are dead, but not forgotten, at stadiums," USA Today, August 20, 2001. (action)

Ralph Nader, "Whose Stadium is it Anyway?," Rocky Mountain News, January 28, 2001. (action)

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