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Good Sports, Bad Sports is an email bulletin of recent news items and suggested actions regarding issues in the world of sports. It goes out regularly to League of Fans "Alerts" listserv subscribers.

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Good Sports, Bad Sports bulletins:

June 29, 2005
Good Sports - NBA and Player’s Association Reach Labor Agreement, Avoid Lockout
Bad Sports - Robin Hood in Reverse: Supreme Court Decides Private Use is “Public Use” in Eminent Domain Case

May 18, 2005
Good Sports - Commissioner of Baseball Shows Commitment to Stopping Performance-Enhancing Drug Use
Bad Sports - Adidas, Reebok Overstepping Commercial Bounds by Interfering with Sports

January 25, 2005
Good Sports - Steroid Precursors No Longer Available Over the Counter
Bad Sports - Chairman of President's Fitness Council Peddling Junk Food

May 21, 2004
Good Sports - Advocating for the Removal of American Indian Sports Symbols
Bad Sports - Student-Athlete Gambling in NCAA Affecting Outcome of Games

March 12, 2004
Good Sports - Wahconah Park
Bad Sports - Major League Sweatshops

November 19, 2003
1. Performance-enhancing drugs and supplements
2. Performance-enhancer prevention
3. BCS (Big Cash Scheme)

October 7, 2003
1. Sportswriter comes out
2. Nike unscathed in sweatshop case
3. MLB and the Dominican Republic
4. Redskins and racism

August 6, 2003
1. Title IX
2. Problems at the Eagles' new stadium
3. End to the Eagles' "hoagie ban"
4. Redskins and racism

July 8, 2003
1. Stadium Naming Rights
2. Gender-biased Pay
3. Title IX
4. Performance-enhancing Drugs

June 26, 2003
1. "Bears football presented by Bank One"
2. Stadium naming rights
3. Corporate welfare for stadium in D.C.


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