2003 Media Coverage of League of Fans (and Nader on sports)

"Nader asks LeBron James to support workers' rights in Nike factories," Cleveland Indymedia Center, December 5, 2003. (action) / (action)

"Nader urges LeBron to pressure Nike," CNN/Money, December 4, 2003. (action) / (action)

"Nader Asks LeBron James to Support Workers' Rights in Nike Factories," Common Dreams, December 4, 2003. (action) / (action)

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Jeff Milgrom, "What's in a name? Plenty for those buying the rights," Columbus Business First, November 24, 2003. (action)

"Nader, group urge Packers to contribute to retain Lambeau name," Associated Press, November 4, 2003. (action)

"Nader to Packers, NFL: Pay up," Green Bay News-Chronicle, November 4, 2003. (action)

Karen Rauen, "Nader joins Save Lambeau campaign," Green Bay Press-Gazette, November 4, 2003. (action)

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"Statement by Ralph Nader and League of Fans on the Announcement that the President of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission is Stepping Down," DCWatch, October 6, 2003. (action) / (action)

"Nader's Statement on DCSEC President's Announcement," Common Dreams, October 6, 2003. (action) / (action)

Brian DeBose, "Sports advocates target Goldwater," Washington Times, August 22, 2003. (action)

"Ralph Nader and Shawn McCarthy of the League of Fans ask Mayor Anthony Williams to request the resignation of Bobby Goldwater, president and executive director of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission," DCWatch, August 21, 2003. (action)

Selena Roberts, "Living Up to Your Image Can Prove to Be a Burden," New York Times, August 3, 2003.

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"League of Fans Urges the NCAA and NFHS to Ban All Non-Wood Baseball Bats that Exceed the Performance of Wood Bats," Common Dreams, May 8, 2003. (action)

"The Rev. Nader calls," Akron Beacon Journal, April 10, 2003. (action)

Bud Shaw, "Nader's shoe size too large for James' feet," Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 10, 2003. (action)

Tom Reed, "Nader asks LeBron to take a stand," Akron Beacon Journal, April 9, 2003. (action)

"Consumer advocacy group asks LeBron for help," Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 9, 2003. (action

"LeBron James urged to speak out against sweatshops," The Business Journal, Portland, April 9, 2003. (action)

"Ralph Nader and League of Fans Ask LeBron James to Push for Anti-Sweatshop Provisions in His Upcoming Sneaker Contract," Common Dreams, April 8, 2003. (action)

"Nader Group Asks LeBron James For Help On Sweatshops," SportsFan Magazine, April 8, 2003. (action)

"Ralph Nader and League of Fans Ask LeBron James to Push for Anti-Sweatshop Provisions in His Upcoming Sneaker Contract," Sweatshop Watch, April 8, 2003. (action)

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"Ralph Nader and League of Fans Urge Leaders to Take Real Action Against Ephedra and Dietary Supplement Law," Common Dreams, March 11, 2003. (action)

Ralph Nader, "Women May Lose Their Title IX Gains," The Oklahoma Observer, March 10, 2003, p 14. (action)

"Ralph Nader and League of Fans Ask Secretary Paige to Reject Commission Recommendations that would Undermine Title IX," Common Dreams, March 5, 2003. (action)

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Ralph Nader, "How Corporations Drain the Defenseless: Protecting Public Education from Corporate Tax Giveaways," CounterPunch, January 27, 2003. (action)

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