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Ralph Nader and League of Fans Call for Federal Government-led Advancement in Prevention of Sports Injuries (6/8/05)

Ralph Nader and League of Fans urge D.C. Mayor to ask for resignation of Sports Commission president and redefine goals of the agency (8/21/03)

Ralph Nader and League of Fans ask newspapers to include a "Recreational Sports" page (11/27/02)

Ralph Nader's "In the Public Interest" column on corporate privileges and taxpayer-financed arenas (3/24/97)

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Media Coverage

"Nader Calls for Government-led Sports Injury Prevention Program," Common Dreams, June 8, 2005. (Sports Injuries)

"Statement by Ralph Nader and League of Fans on the Announcement that the President of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission is Stepping Down," DCWatch, October 6, 2003. (action) / (action)

"Nader's Statement on DCSEC President's Announcement," Common Dreams, October 6, 2003. (action) / (action)

"Ralph Nader and Shawn McCarthy of the League of Fans ask Mayor Anthony Williams to request the resignation of Bobby Goldwater, president and executive director of the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission," DCWatch, August 21, 2003. (action)

Stephen Koff, "Nader asks papers to help inspire couch spuds," Cleveland Plain Dealer, December 13, 2002. (action)

Ralph Nader, "Fleecing Taxpayers Of Their Arenas," Oklahoma Observer, April 10, 1997. (action)

Ralph Nader, "Corporations Acting Above The Law," Liberal Opinion Week, April 7, 1997. (action)

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