“that workers making clothes, shoes and other goods for global sports brands have been dismissed or threatened with violence when they have organized unions to lobby for better pay and conditions. The majority of Asian sportswear workers are women from poor communities, many supporting children and families. Oxfam says that none of the big sports brands are doing enough to solve the problem….

Oxfam’s year-long survey of 12 sporting labels found that FILA, a major US-based sponsor in world tennis, was bottom of the league and had failed to address serious labor abuses in its supply chain…. Oxfam says that Reebok has done the most to uphold sportswear workers’ rights in Asia while other big brands such as Nike, adidas, Puma and Asics had made some improvements. However, the performance of the industry as a whole remains poor….

‘The sportswear industry is a valuable source of jobs in Asia. But consumers and workers alike have the right to expect that global brands will not exploit the people making their goods,’ concluded [Oxfam International spokesperson Kelly] Dent.”

The report summary

The full report (pdf)


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