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In this episode we talk with Mano Watsa, President of PGC Basketball, the largest education basketball camp in the world, with over 150 camps in 30+ U.S. states and Canada. Mano leads a unique organization dedicated to the holistic development of young people as both players and human beings. In addition, Mano is a sought-after speaker who has inspired over 250,000 students, athletes, coaches and business leaders around the world.

Our discussion moves from why Mano decided to make basketball education his life’s work, to some of the problems in youth sports today, including single sport specialization, the growing gap between the “haves” and “have-nots,” the high drop-out rate in competitive sports, and the growing mental health challenges young athletes are dealing with today. Mano describes his organization’s emphasis on “attitudinal fitness” and how it creates resilience when adversity hits.

We close with a look at what makes PGC basketball camps and clinics so powerful, and how they create young leaders and team players while developing important basketball skills.

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