(from the Washington Post, 3/21/03) “Carrying signs bearing such slogans as ‘Books Not Baseball,’ about 60 supporters of the D.C. Public Library system rallied at the Wilson Building, then aired their concerns at a library budget hearing before the D.C. Council.

While a delegation of D.C. officials were in Phoenix yesterday to make a proposal to baseball leaders, library advocates back home said they were outraged that Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) has proposed slashing nearly $1 million from the library system’s operating budget for fiscal 2004, which begins Oct. 1.

‘We’re going to tell the chief financial officer that if he tries to spend one dollar of taxpayers’ money on a baseball stadium, he’ll have to face all the people in the District who want that money for libraries,’ Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and former presidential candidate, told the assembled activists. Nader has launched a private fundraising effort called the D.C. Library Renaissance Project.” . . .

Full Story from the Washington Post


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