“In Seattle, Initiative 91, which prohibits the city from spending money on sports projects unless taxpayers get a return on their investment, was passed by a 3-to-1 margin. ‘While Seattle will now be relegated to a second-tier status, we will continue to seek other sites within King County,’ huffed Clayton Bennett, owner of the Sonics, after the vote. ‘Other cities in King County have expressed great interest in becoming the new home of the Sonics.’ Like, there’s, um…

In Sacramento, the twin Kings arena tax measures were defeated by a similar landslide. Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof released a statement saying: ‘ARCO Arena is an inadequate NBA facility that increasingly constrains our ability to provide our guests with high quality entertainment experiences. As for the question of “what is next?” the answer is simple: we don’t know.’ A spokesperson for the referendum (referenda have spokespeople?) added that ‘we refuse to look through the rearview mirror at our vision. We’re focused on the road ahead.'”


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