But as Soshnick argues:

“It should, more accurately, be described as yet another money grab.

State law allows the original sellers of tickets, like a baseball team, to resell unused seats on their own Web site…. The Yankees — and here is the important part — will take an undisclosed cut of the resale, meaning the club will earn money on the original sale and the second one, too.

‘The Yankees just want to get their hypocritical hands on the excess revenue that could be generated by scalping their own tickets and controlling the secondary market by punishing fans,’ says Shawn McCarthy, a member of League of Fans, a Washington- based sports reform project founded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader.

Being able to get away with it and doing what’s right are two different things…. And when they fall, and the turnstiles stop whirling, you can be sure the Yankees won’t care where their tickets are bought or sold. Surely Yankee fans can appreciate that.”

Cubs free to scalp own tickets, stick it to fans


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