AOSSM’s objectives are for coaches to: 1) be familiar with basic sports injury terminology; 2) be aware of up-to-date techniques for preventing sports injuries; 3) be able to differentiate between mild, moderate, and severe injuries; 4) know appropriate first aid techniques for the injuries you will encounter; 5) be able to design an emergency plan for your league to use when severe injuries occur; and 6) know specific techniques to determine whether an injured player is ready to practice and play again.

The handbook lists detailed evaluation, treatment, special considerations, and prevention lessons under the topic headings: Contusion, Abrasions and Lacerations, Muscle Pulls and Strains, Overuse Injuries of The Throwing Arm, Sprains, Fractures, Injuries of The Hands and Fingers, Facial Injuries, Jaw, Mouth, and Tooth Injuries, Eye Injuries, Insect Bites And Stings, The Unconscious Athlete: Heat Illness, Head Injuries (Concussions), Triage and Emergency Management.


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