But helping the have-nots doesn’t come with the same benefits as serving the haves. The D.C. Council has given its initial approval to accept free luxury suite accommodations as part of a deal to send $50 million in public funding to Abe Pollin to underwrite improvements at Verizon Center.

Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) defends the deal by saying that the District government obtained a suite at both RFK Stadium and the new $611 million publicly funded stadium for the Nationals. Is Mr. Evans justifying this type of kickback for public officials by arguing that it is commonplace?

If Mr. Pollin sees market opportunities and wishes to spend $50 million on more or newer frills for Verizon Center, he can invest his own money.

It is shameful that paying for the expenses of wealthy sports owners has become the business of the District government. That elected officials can be induced with free luxury-suite accommodations to agree to financially dubious funding deals for sports venues is insulting and unethical.

Mr. Evans argues that the suite should be used only for “economic development purposes” [Metro, Feb. 21]. But considering what “economic development” has come to mean in the District, residents can expect the suite to be used primarily for more giveaways to the rich and powerful.

Shawn McCarthy
Director, League of Fans


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