Friday, April 15. 2011

What About the Fans?

Cleveland Browns Fan Sues the NFL

The news coverage of the NFL lockout focuses on the positions of the owners and players. The voice of the stakeholder group that makes the NFL possible, the fans, is rarely heard from. Ken Lanci, a Cleveland Browns personal seat license holder has said “Enough’s enough.” He’s filed suit against the NFL and its teams, claiming the lockout has “violated his contract to buy tickets through his personal seal license.”

While legal experts say the suit has little chance to succeed, Lanci has been successful in bringing a little attention to the fan’s perspective during the NFL lockout.

The voice of the fan needs to be heard more during this NFL dispute. There are strong ethical and legal grounds for this, primarily the fact that there are so many NFL franchises utilizing tax-payer financed stadiums/arenas. For franchises utilizing tax-payer-financed stadiums/arenas, fan and taxpayer rights are naturally established.

For the full story, read “Cleveland Browns fan sues over NFL lockout” by Thomas A. Sheeran, Associated Press.

Commentary by Ken Reed, League of Fans


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