Nine of the 11 members on an NCAA panel that will help decide if the Fiesta Bowl’s license will be revoked have attended a bowl-sponsored retreat known as the “Fiesta Frolic,” which includes free meals, resort rooms and golf outings. The panel, the NCAA Postseason Bowl Licensing Subcommittee, is comprised primarily of college athletic directors and conference executives.

“This is a jury of the bowl’s former freeloaders,” charges Bryson Morgan, co-founder of Playoff PAC, a federal political committee dedicated to establishing a competitive post-season championship for college football.

In March, a five-month long investigation revealed numerous instances of financial misconduct by Fiesta Bowl executives. Long-time Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker resigned amid the fallout from the investigation.

The BCS is an unfair, unethical and corrupt mess. The League of Fans is calling for the abolishment of the BCS and replacing it with a fair college football playoff system that determines the NCAA Division I football national champion on the field instead of through the BCS’ convoluted system.

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