League of Fans and the organization’s sports policy director, Ken Reed, are featured in a lengthy article by Alex Johnson (@MAlexJohnson) posted on MSNBC.com Friday. See “Sports Fans Play the Washington Game.”

The article highlights some of the work League of Fans and other advocacy organizations are doing for fans, athletes and other sports participants.

In the article Reed stresses that for the League of Fans “it’s not a political agenda — it’s about ‘what’s best for the game, the fans, the participants.”

Johnson ends the article with a quote from Reed about why he and the League of Fans are so focused on addressing the problems in sports that negatively impact the sports experience for fans and players at all levels.

“People ask, ‘Why do you guys hate sports?'” Reed said. “It makes me mad and laugh at the same time. Probably no one person loves sports as much as I do.

“My father was a coach. I played two sports in college. I used to be on the sports marketing side and the sports professor side … I love sports. My response is, “Why aren’t you angry?'”

In a sidebar, the article lays out four key League of Fans goals:

1) To build momentum toward a vision in which all sports stakeholders are treated justly, fairly, and ethically.

2) To ensure that all those who have a stake in sports – including the millions of fans, sports consumers, sports participants, and taxpayers across the nation – have a voice in how sports are operated in this country.

3) To encourage sports stakeholders to become sports activists and reformers; and to take action to improve the world of sports, wherever they’re at, in whatever way they can, in a collective effort to help sport serve the public interest.

4) To increase the number of sports participants, at all ages in the United States, because of sport’s numerous physical, mental and social benefits.


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