Concussion awareness is a huge topic in the world of sports today, from youth sports to the NFL and NHL. The incidence of concussions, testing for the presence of concussions, and guidelines for when athletes should be allowed to return to action, are all hot issues in SportsWorld.

The King-Devick test is a very accurate, simple and inexpensive way to quickly test for the presence of concussion — right on the sidelines. This is critical because sending an athlete back into action too quickly after a concussion is extremely dangerous.

Dr. Steve Devick, one of the developers of the King-Devick concussion test, recently gave a presentation at the United States Sports Academy about concussions and the King-Devick test. It should be required viewing for all athletes, coaches, trainers, parents, and other loved ones of athletes.

The video of his presentation is available for free, thanks to Dr. Devick and the United States Sports Academy. See United States Sports Academy Seminar on Concussion.

During his presentation, Devick highlighted the recent research on concussions and talked about the science underlying the King-Devick test. He also delivered a compelling argument that the King-Devick test is so inexpensive and easy to administer on the sideline of a sporting event that it needs to be widely used.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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