Baylor’s Robert Griffin III won the 2011 Heisman Trophy and Stanford’s Andrew Luck was runner-up. They’re both quarterbacks. That’s not unusual as quarterbacks and running backs dominate the Heisman voting. What is unique is that both Griffin and Luck are also excellent students who place a high value on their college educations.

Griffin graduated in just three years and will earn his master’s degree this spring. Although he’ll be a high pick in the upcoming NFL draft, he’s also interested in pursuing law school in the future.

Luck returned to Stanford this year to finish his degree in architectural design from Stanford’s engineering school. He made this decision despite being the consensus choice to be the top overall pick in the NFL draft LAST year. One analysis suggested that his decision to come back for his degree and another season of college football with his buddies cost him $14.1 million. See Andrew Luck and The Value of a Stanford Degree.

In this age of cynicism in college sports, it’s important to note that the top two college football players in the country are exemplary students and do the term “student-athlete” proud.

Ken Reed, Sport Policy Director, League of Fans


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