When considering whether or not the NHL’s staged fights are in fact boxing matches requiring a license, the following language from California Bus & Profs. Code Section 18625 could prove insightful.

California Bus & Profs. Code Section 18625 defines a “match” or “contest” as follows:

“”Contest” and “match” are synonymous, may be used interchangeably, include boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts exhibitions, and mean a fight, prize fight, boxing contest, pugilistic contest, kickboxing contest, martial arts contest or sparring match, between two or more persons, where full or partial contact is used or intended that may result  or is intended to result in physical harm to the opponent…”   

Section 18640 provides in relevant partThe commission has the sole direction, management, control of, and jurisdiction over all professional and amateur boxing, professional and amateur kickboxing, all forms and combinations of forms of full contact martial artsand matches or exhibitions conducted, held, or given within this stateNo event shall take place without the prior approval of the commission.  No person shall engage in the promotion of, or participate in, a boxing or martial arts contest, match, or exhibition without a license, and except in accordance with this chapter and the rules adopted thereunder.”

“Section 18870 Unlicensed Events:   Any person or promoter who directly or indirectly holds, aids, abets, or attempts to hold, aid or abet the holding of, any contest, match or exhibition without first having obtained a license or permit therefor under this chapter, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”


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