Dear Attorney General Harris:

I bring to your attention a practice of staged or planned violence in the National Hockey Leagues’ games which has no place in the game other than to excite some fans. The enclosed article and letter to the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman describe the practice, facilitated and condoned by NHL executives. That practice leads to imitation by many youths playing this sport.

Staged or planned fighting by two players hired for that purpose – they are called enforcers and have lesser professional hockey skills – has no place in the professional game of hockey. This is commercial boxing that has led to player suicides and other tragedies, and it is being conducted without a state license.

Attached are the relevant excerpts from the California Bus & Profs. Code Sections. Your staff may wish to contact law Professor Robert Fellmeth at the University of San Diego law school who was a former California Boxing Commission Chair. He believes that the statutory language may cover this phenomenon.

I know that your relatively large office is investigating numerous situations. Attorneys General have remarkably different levels of activity, including those in California over the years. I believe that if you want to get something pursued; give it to a busy state AG.

I look forward to your response.

Best wishes, Ralph Nader


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