The Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers series was ugly. The Heat won the series due to the outstanding play of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade during the last couple games. But besides the Heat moving on, the other big story from this series was the constant trash-talking and ugly fouls. A lot of the series resembled a playground brawl more than a high-level basketball game.

Perhaps the worst incident was the Heat’s Dexter Pittman’s clearly intentional — and probably premeditated — elbow/forearm to the neck area of Pacers’ guard Lance Stephenson.

After the foul, TNT’s Marv Albert, who was broadcasting the game on national television, said, “This is out of hand. This is ugly.”

What did the NBA do? They handed down a measly 3-game suspension for Pittman.

LeBron James, who’s been ripped incessantly for his decision to move from Cleveland to Miami, and for his inability to win an NBA championship, had the most sane comment during the Heat-Pacers series, a series that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra described as so physical it was like “playing in a cage.”

“There’s no room for dirty plays in our game, period, no matter if it comes from us or Indiana, anyone in the league,” said James.

I couldn’t agree more LeBron. Come on NBA Commissioner David Stern, don’t let your league turn into the NHL on hardwood. Start coming down harder on these hoops thugs.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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