By Ken Reed

Sean Pamphilon’s new documentary, “The United States of Football,” asks some important questions about the grip football has on our society, from the professional level down to the youth level. It’s a movie about a subject we all have a stake in — there are numerous societal ramifications — but especially parents of young boys that are playing or considering playing tackle football. The film spends time on the NFL and the concussion-related player lawsuits that have been in the news for months. But the biggest, and most important, part of the film deals with youth football and whether or not our kids should be playing this game while their brains are still developing and the most vulnerable to trauma.

SportsOnEarth writer Patrick Hruby has an excellent podcast interview with Pamphilon. If you can’t see the movie this is the next best thing. Hruby and Pamphilon are two of our country’s leading experts on brain trauma in football.

Moreover, the podcast is a nice complement to the movie, if you have seen it, or plan to.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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