By Ken Reed

The way the Miami Marlins — along with some unscrupulous local politicians — abused south Florida taxpayers in order to secure a new sports palace for the Marlins’ owners is despicable. In fact, the Marlins stadium swindle might be the ugliest publicly-financed stadium/arena deal to date.

It’s one thing to take taxpayers to the cleaners but it’s another thing to have the gall to brag about it as one’s “claim to fame.” But that’s what Marlins’ president David Samson recently did.

Samson appeared as a contestant on the reality TV show Survivor. (He was the first contestant kicked off.) In his bio for the show, Samson listed his claim to fame as getting the local government in South Florida to “contribute over $350 million to a new baseball park during the recession.”

The things some people are proud of …

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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