By Ken Reed

Legendary Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino joined 14 other former football players in filing a federal lawsuit against the NFL last week. Marino’s involvement will raise the profile of the concussion issue. And, according to HLN legal analyst Danny Cevallos, Marino’s name recognition and reputation will probably push any payout higher.

“The NFL better be raising its expectation in terms of how it’s going to be on the hook,” said Cevallos.

Many former NFL players are welcoming Marino’s involvement. Former NFL linebacker Coy Wire had this to say:

“I think what this does is sets this into a new category because Dan Marino is a household name in the sport of football, a Hall of Famer, iconic individual who was never known to be lazy, who would not be known to make a money grab. This guy is changing the game for the players in terms of the perception of what’s happening here with this suit.”

Marino and the others in this latest suit claim the NFL knew for years of the link between brain trauma and long-term health problems. The suit asks a jury to decide monetary damages. The players are also seeking medical monitoring for the former players.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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