By Ken Reed

Sometimes I wonder if a lot of coaches in America are even familiar with the concepts of sportsmanship and sports ethics.

Way too many coaches are raving lunatics on the sidelines … running on the field or court to challenge referees, and verbally (and sometimes physically) abusing their own players.

Then there’s this: Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema was captured on video during last weekend’s Alabama game stepping in between his players and Alabama’s Cam Robinson. Bielema starts waving his arms in the air and then fakes being pushed by Robinson. He then takes his act even further, faking like he’s stumbling backwards after Robinson’s “heave-ho.” When he sees the ref throw a penalty flag on Robinson, Bielema jumps and dances, delighting in the con job he had just pulled.

Hey Bret, nice job being a role model for your players (Aren’t college athletics supposed to be about education?), and also for high school and youth league coaches around the country.

Arkansas has stumbled out of the gate on the football field but the team — and the school — is a bigger loser when it comes to ethical sports behavior.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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