By Ken Reed

Think of Tim Duncan and what comes to mind?

Perennial All-Star yes, but also humble, selfless teammate, a player who put the fundamentals over showmanship, and above all, class.

That’s how Duncan retired this month, with class.

He humbly announced his retirement in a San Antonio Spurs’ press release. Not during a big ceremony, or by writing a long essay about his decision, as kind of an ode to himself. Nope, just a couple sentences in an old-fashioned press release.

“There are a zillion ways in which Duncan’s impact can be measured — the stats, the rings, the honors — but his true power was as a teammate,” wrote Jason Gay in a recent Wall Street Journal piece.

“He played basketball the way your coaches always told you to play basketball: relentlessly, unselfishly, at both ends of the court.”

Gay concluded that Duncan had “close to a perfect career.” Agreed.

Tim Duncan equals class.

—- Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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