By Ken Reed

In the category, “Doing the Right Thing,” there’s been good news on the sports front the last couple weeks.

First, back in July, the NBA announced its decision to pull its All-Star Game out of Charlotte due to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT legislation, called HB2.

After an unnecessary delay, the NCAA, a couple weeks back, followed the NBA’s lead and said it would pull all championship games from North Carolina due to the same law. Finally, late last week, the ACC followed suit and pulled the 13 ACC championships scheduled for North Carolina in the coming year.

The NBA started the ball rolling on this issue in mid-summer. While it’s unfortunate it took so long for NCAA and ACC leaders to act, act they did.

Kudos to the NBA for taking the progressive lead on this situation, and the NCAA and ACC for eventually doing the right thing and pulling their championships out of North Carolina..

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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