By Ken Reed

Football is clearly dangerous to the human brain. And there are a lot of opinions as to what to do about it. From safety proposals, to rule changes, to calls for an outright ban on the game at the youth and high school levels.

But the purpose of football isn’t to inflict a concussion on one’s opponent.

However, in boxing, that is the purpose of the sport. Batter your opponent’s skull until his brain says “No mas,” resulting in a knock-out victory.

It’s hard to believe that in 2017 we can still have American government entities sanctioning these barbaric activities.

Recently, it was revealed that New York is going to be paying $22 million to a boxer and his family for the severe brain damage he occurred during a sanctioned boxing match held at Madison Square Garden nearly four years ago.

The boxer, Magomed Abdusaloamov, the married father of three girls, remains unable to walk or speak in complete sentences due to injuries suffered in the fight.

“He puts words together,” said Abdusaloamov’s lawyer Paul Edelstein. “But to a nonfamily member, it just sounds like mumbling.”

We banned cock fights and dog fights in this country as inhumane but we still allow human beings to pulverize each other’s brains in a “sporting” event.

Hmm …

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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