In his recent column, Ralph Nader takes on the nation’s sports media and its unwillingness to dig beyond a superficial level on important contemporary sports issues.

In doing so, Nader highlighted the work of League of Fans and its sports policy director, Dr. Ken Reed.

Here’s an excerpt from Nader’s column:

“Over the years, the sports sections have been neglecting the dark sides of organized sports as a deliberate practice, not as an oversight …

“Ken Reed, author of several books, weekly columns, and the Sports Policy Director for our League of Fans, is arguably the leading contemporary essayist of sports at its best and at its worst. Ever hear of him? Probably not. His truth telling rarely makes it onto radio, television and the sports pages or into the sports publications such as Sporting News, because he writes about the greed, the covered-up dangers, the exploitation of youngsters by greedy owners and coaches, and way in which sportsmanship is most often pushed to the sidelines—all issues that the sports industry works tirelessly to suppress and squelch …

In his new book, Ego vs. Soul in Sports: Essays on Sport at Its Best and Worst, Reed systematically tackles the most neglected and underreported territories of the athletic world … Reed summarizes the driving ethics of organized sports as “win-at-all-costs” (WAAC) and “profit-at-all-costs” (PAAC) …

See Nader’s full column here.



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