By Ken Reed

LeBron James, through his production company SpringHill Entertainment, is co-producing an HBO documentary about the “institutional denial of basic human rights” for NCAA athletes.

The documentary will debut at 10 p.m. ET, October 2nd, on HBO. It will feature four current and former college athletes, including Kentucky basketball player Nick Richards. The documentary will focus on “the exploitative world of high-revenue college sports,” according to HBO’s June 11th announcement.

“This is an incredibly important story about the institutional denial of basic human rights for these student athletes,” said Maverick Carter, James’ long-time friend and the CEO of SpringHill. “When (producer) Steve Stoute brought us this idea, it was a perfect fit for the kind of stories we want to tell at SpringHill.”

James never played college basketball, jumping straight from high school to the NBA. However, he has been critical of the NCAA and its operations in the past.

“The NCAA is corrupt, we know that,” said James this past February.

SpringHill Entertainment also produced “Rise Up,” a History Channel documentary about the key battles in the civil rights movement.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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