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League of Fans’ sports policy director, Ken Reed, is the host of a new sports issues podcast called League of Fans’ Sports Forum.

Here’s the podcast description:

Sports Forum is an ongoing discussion about current sports issues. The goal of the podcast is to find ways we can improve the sports experience for all stakeholders by enhancing the positives and mitigating the negatives in today’s sports environment.

The podcast will feature conversations with experts on a variety of contemporary sports issues, from concussions and brain trauma, to overbearing youth sports coaches and parents, to whether or not college athletes deserve compensation beyond a scholarship. The inaugural episode’s topic is Title IX and equal opportunity in sports. The guest is long-time Title IX and civil rights activist Donna Lopiano.

“Sports Forum is designed to be an ongoing discussion on a variety of sports issues – many of them public policy-related,” said Reed.

“For the most part, we’ll be talking about issues beyond the games themselves. We won’t be talking about coaching decisions in the most recent games, or who should be traded or fired from various teams. There are plenty of outlets for those types of discussions. We want to focus on ways we — as a society — can make the world of sports better. Our mission at League of Fans is to fight for the principles of justice, fair play, equal opportunity, civil rights, safety and civic responsibility in the world of sports. The same will hold true for our Sports Forum podcast.”

The League of Fans’ Sports Forum podcast will eventually be available wherever you get your podcasts. As of now, it’s available at Spotify, Anchor and PocketCasts.

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You can follow Sports Forum on Facebook: @SportsForumPodcast

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