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In this episode of League of Fans’ Sports Forum podcast we talk with Patrick Hruby, a journalist who has done extensive research and in-depth writing on the topic of brain trauma in sports, most notably football. Patrick believes brain trauma is our country’s most important contemporary sports issue. We touch on brain injuries and CTE at the NFL and college levels, however, the focus of our discussion is on the millions of kids playing football at the youth and high school levels.

Patrick and I talk about how repetitive sub-concussive impact can be as damaging long-term as multiple concussions and how it’s very unlikely that a high-tech helmet will ever be developed that will protect the brain inside the skull. Our discussion moves on to other sports in which brain injuries can occur, like hockey and soccer, and why football presents unique challenges. We close with Patrick discussing current scientific efforts to develop a way to detect CTE in the living and what that could mean for football’s concussion crisis.

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