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Jim Thompson started Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) in 1998 to help create a movement to transform the culture of youth sports from “win-at-all-costs” to a positive, character-building experience. PCA conducts thousands of workshops every year for youth sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes. Thompson is the author of numerous books on youth sports, including Positive Coaching: Building Character and Self-Esteem Through Sports; Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple Impact Competitor; and The Positive Sport Parent.

In this episode, we discuss what the biggest problem in youth sports is today, why the actions of adults contribute to burn-out for young athletes, the scary trend of sport specialization by young athletes, the lack of child development training for youth coaches, the need for more “double goal” coaches, and why kids say they quit youth sports. We also chat about Jim’s upcoming book on the need for a new vision for youth sports. Finally, we talk about Jim’s new passion: fighting climate change.

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