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Cleveland Indians Owner/CEO Paul Dolan joins us on this episode of the Sports Forum podcast. We jump right into a hot topic: the use of Native American names and logos by sports teams in general and the Cleveland Indians in particular. Dolan describes the process the team went through in dropping the Chief Wahoo logo, banning face paint and headdress at the team’s home field, and the decision in December of last year to change the club’s name.

Other topics include the team’s move to put safety netting down the foul lines at Progressive Field, the club’s Covid safety protocols, and the upcoming collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the players’ union. We then touch on some baseball issues, including the record level of strikeouts in Major League Baseball (MLB), pace of play, the lack of action in today’s game, and what to do, if anything, with the shift.

We conclude by talking about how to get more kids from all backgrounds playing the game, and touch on MLB’s decision to move its All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado.

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