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In this episode, we chat with Gary McCoy, an innovative strength, conditioning and high performance coach who has worked in many capacities throughout his career, including with several Major League Baseball (MLB) organizations. He’s an Australian native who serves as head of performance for Team Australia’s baseball program. He’s also currently Vice President of Performance for Kinetyx Sciences USA, a data-based movement technology company.

Our focus is the injury pandemic in baseball, what’s causing it and how it can be fixed. We start off with McCoy’s experience with a Taiwanese professional baseball team and how he helped the team drop from an average of 32 soft tissue injuries a year to eight in his first season with the team and an amazing zero soft tissue injuries by his fourth season.

McCoy’s strength, conditioning and performance philosophies and theories often go against the grain when it comes to the norms in his field. However, he has the numbers to support his data-driven approach. McCoy believes 80% of baseball injuries are preventable. His reasons underlying that belief make for compelling listening.

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