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In this League of Fans Sports Forum episode, we explore new ways to be a fan in the year 2022 with baseball and culture writer Craig Calcaterra, author of a new book called “Rethinking Fandom: How to Beat the Sports-Industrial Complex at Its Own Game.” Craig is also the writer and editor of a popular baseball, news, and culture newsletter called “Cup of Coffee.”

In this discussion, we get into why and how pro sports team owners and executives regularly exploit the often blind loyalty of their fan base and identify some of the ways the sports-industrial complex acts against the interests of fans. We also chat about how sports fans of particular teams act similarly to supporters of political parties.

Toward the end, Craig talks about how to take some of the power away from SportsWorld’s barons and become a sports fan on “your own terms.” If you take his advice in this regard you might find that you are enjoying sports a lot more.

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