Rowman & Littlefield, the publisher of League of Fans’ sports policy director Ken Reed’s impactful book How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan, released a new updated paperback version of the book, including a new introduction, today. The paperback also has a revised action plan and resources section. The foreword was written by Ralph Nader.

From the publisher:

Many sports fans are conflicted—they may love the games, the players, and their communities, but they are often alarmed by issues such as academic corruption, athlete health, and the overarching emphasis on winning and profit.

In How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan, with a New Introduction, Ken Reed argues that much of our sports culture is broken, driven by ego and greed. Written to inform and empower those who care deeply about the impact of sports on individuals and society as a whole, Reed introduces readers to the most pressing problems in sports and shows how they largely derive from the mentalities of profit-at-all-costs and win-at-all-costs. Chapters dig into issues such as concussions, overzealous adults in youth sports, the disappearance of PE from many school curriculums, the focus on profit in college athletics, discrimination in sports, and more.

With a new introduction to bring this perennial topic up to the present, and featuring helpful resources and practical solutions for readers interested in change at all levels, How We Can Save Sports is an invaluable tool for addressing the many challenges in sports today.

How We Can Save Sports targets sports fans who are interested in current sports issues — and potentially getting involved as sports reformers to help make the world of sports more fair and just.

Reed’s book has received numerous positive reviews, including the following:

“Ken Reed’s book ‘How We Can Save Sports’ is a reformer’s guide to cleaning up sports in America. His prescriptions are worth attention if America is to put sports competition back into perspective. The book takes on the tough questions surrounding the commercialization of sports in America and raises provocative questions about the proper role of sports in our society.” — C. Thomas McMillen, Former Congressman; College, NBA, and Olympic athlete

“Reed’s litany of problems and issues besetting American sport – from grassroots to professional levels – is not new. What is new and worthy of a careful read, are the author’s compelling ideas on what individuals can do about them and why such actions are important. Those with power and a financial self-interest in sport will not be the engineers of reform. Rather, the only hope for a return to “good” sport will be the activism of those with a moral compass and love of sport who are willing to step forward in their own communities to make change happen one small action at a time.” — Donna Lopiano, President, Sports Management Resources; Former CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation

“‘How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan’ by Ken Reed, with a Foreword by Ralph Nader, is a must read for anyone who wants to right the ship we call SportsWorld which has so many current crises. I want to share it with all my students in the DeVos Sport Business Management Program.” — Richard Lapchick, University of Central Florida

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