By Ken Reed

Spurred by the patronage of Nelson Mandela, Laureus Sport for Good is a non-political sport-based organization founded in 2000 that uses sport as a powerful and cost-effective tool to help children and young people overcome violence, discrimination and disadvantage in their lives.

The organization has created the Laureus Sport for Peace Fund to help the people who are suffering in Ukraine as the result of an appalling human tragedy. The fund is designed to help alleviate the humanitarian disaster unfolding in and around Ukraine following the Russian invasion by supporting agencies on the ground in Ukraine providing food, emergency water, medicine, hygiene kits to prevent disease, shelter and safe spaces for mothers and children on the move.

The Fund will funnel donations to Laureus’ partner humanitarian organizations working on the front line, such as UNICEF, Save the Children and Red Cross/Red Crescent.

“The Fund will enable us to galvanize the power of sport to provide life-saving support via partnerships with leading humanitarian relief agencies,” said Laureus Academy Founder Sean Fitzpatrick. “It will also enable us long term to help people and communities to recover.”

The Laureus Sport for Peace Fund is a terrific way for sport stakeholders to make a difference for the Ukranian people. You can donate here.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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