By Ken Reed

In a couple weeks, the Kansas City Current will open a $117 million, 11,500 seat stadium, which will be called CPKC Stadium. It will be one of a few stadiums in the world constructed specifically for female athletes. The stadium is designed to expand to a 20,000 seat capacity.

The Current’s owners, which include Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany, wanted their team to have their own stadium, so they wouldn’t have to share space with other teams or try to build their schedule around other leagues. Before this season, the Current had to rent baseball and MLS facilities.

“I don’t think that there is a more important investment that is being made anywhere for the future of our game,” according to NWSL Commissioner Jessica Herman.

The Current players love the thought of having their own stadium and practice facility (the Current also has a new $18 million training facility).

“I absolutely love it because we are number one,” says midfielder Lo’eau LaBonta. “It’s all about us.”

Current ownership will control all revenue streams at the new stadium, including the 10-year naming-rights deal with the CPKC rail network.

Based in part due to the new stadium, the Current has sold out season tickets for this season’s schedule.

“We want to use this facility to draw fans in, to encourage and inspire other clubs and other sponsors now to do the same as us,” says midfielder Claire Hutton.

Co-owner Chris Long also wants to spur other women’s pro sports franchises to follow suit.
“There’s no reason elite women’s athletes shouldn’t also have a place of their own [where] they’re the anchor tenant. It’s going to send a message: ‘Look how amazing an opportunity this is to really put women’s athletics where it should be.’”
Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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