First in a series on physical education …

By Ken Reed

When it comes to the topic of preparing our children to succeed in life, we often use words and phrases such as “build self-esteem,” “empower students,” “provide tools for success,” and “create a foundation for the future.”

Those are all noble goals for our K-12 education system. However, I would submit that if our kids aren’t leading healthy, physically-active lifestyles, achieving those goals will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Too often these days, our children are described as “overweight,” “obese,” “inactive,” “diabetic,” and “at risk.”

The overall decline in our children’s fitness levels, leads to one inescapable conclusion: our children need more physical activity, and they need health and wellness knowledge in order to make physical activity part of their daily lives. In short, they need quality physical education. It’s the logical place to start.

Quality, daily P.E. in grades K-12 must be part of any strategy to increase activity, promote healthy lifestyles, boost academic performance, improve mental health, and address soaring health care costs.

If we all push our schools to provide quality, daily P.E programs, we will be taking one of the most important steps we possibly can to ensure students have the “tools for success” they need to succeed in life.

I’m not suggesting that increased and improved P.E. will solve all of the challenges facing our young people, but I am convinced it’s an effective and efficient way to help establish a foundation for success in life.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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