Look Up

Guest Submission by Philip A. Ross

The next night that you go out, look up in the sky.

Don’t look at the horizon, look way up high.

Do you see those stars that are shining down?

They’re like those Negro Leaguers in heaven, those men of renown.

Look at them sparkle like bright, shiny jewels.

The Bucks and the Hooks, Cool and the Mule.

Playing now on green fields, the grass cut just so.

No broken down stands, no more Jim Crow.

Treated like stars, the way it should be,

Their names lit up on a grand marquee.

So look up on high at each player and team.

Think of what should have been; it’s so nice to dream.

Philip A. Ross is a negro leagues baseball historian and speaker. He is a retired New York City public school teacher.


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