By Ken Reed

Long-time sports talk host Mike Francesa said on his radio show Wednesday that it would be “impossible” for a woman to coach a team of men.

“Do you know how impossible that would be? … It wouldn’t be tough. It would be impossible,” said Francesa in response to a caller’s question about whether his young daughter might have the chance to coach a men’s team one day.

“For her to coach the men is not a realistic destination,” continued Francesa. “It’s not realistic. I don’t think you understand how difficult that would be.”

What a Neanderthal! Back in the day, Francesa probably would’ve been the guy that said females shouldn’t be playing full-court basketball because their bodies are too fragile. He likely would’ve pushed for maintaining Iowa’s girls’ basketball rules of six on a team, three on each half of the court. Under the six-on-six rules (commonly called “Iowa Rules”), girls weren’t allowed to cross the mid-court line to the other half of the court.

Real basketball was viewed as too strenuous for girls. With the six-on-six rules, girls wouldn’t have to overdo it physically. They could simply “glisten” instead of, God forbid, actually sweating.

Later in the conversation, Francesa’s caller brought up Becky Hammon, the San Antonio Spurs’ female assistant coach. Hammon won an NBA summer league title coaching the Spurs’ summer team.

Francesa responded by saying Hammon has “no shot” to become an NBA head coach.

Hey Mike, it appears you have “no shot” at ever becoming enlightened.

Ken Reed, sports policy director, League of Fans


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