The Sports Reformers

League of Fans sports policy director, Ken Reed, has a new book out. It’s titled, The Sports Reformers: Working to Make the World of Sports a Better Place. It is Reed’s fifth book.

Here’s a short description of the book:

Sports, at their best, matter. They can positively impact society and a large number of stakeholders. However, the world of sports is plagued by a number of problems today, most of them ego-and-greed-driven.

Nevertheless, there are many sports reformers – current and former athletes, doctors, lawyers, politicians, consumer watchdogs, former athletic administrators, research scientists, civil rights activists, journalists, professors, fans and parents — who are working to enhance the positives and mitigate the negatives in sports.

This book is a collection of short interviews with some of those individuals.

Their work makes them true sports heroes.

Here’s the Amazon link to Reed’s new book, and the link to his Amazon author’s page.

— The Editor


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