By Ken Reed

We’ve all heard about the cancellation of sporting events at the pro, college and even high school levels due to the coronavirus. But there has been very little said or written about youth sports and the millions of kids involved in those events.

The folks at the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program are providing a great service for youth sports parents, coaches and participants. They have put together a Q&A on youth sports and the coronavirus that provides excellent information for those in the youth sports world.

“We aim to help parents, coaches, administrators, educators and others in the youth sports ecosystem respond to challenges presented by a virus that has major public health implications,” according to the introduction to the Q&A.

It will be a fluid document. The Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program will provide regular updates to the Q&A.

One of the most important takeaways from this document is the need for young people to stay active, even if their organized sports activities have been cancelled or postponed.

Childhood health experts stress that children must keep physically active to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

“Especially if children are doing distance learning via computer, movement in between periods of study is essential to ensure focus, concentration, and sustained attention,” says Sara Poehlman, a nurturing care expert who works on emergency education and parent programs.

Ken Reed, Sports Policy Director, League of Fans


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