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In this episode, we chat with Michael Horn, co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Michael is an expert on K-12 education and he believes in the power of physical education to improve academic performance and enhance physical, emotional and behavioral health. His recently released book is “From Reopen to Reinvent: (Re)creating School for Every Child.”

We touch on Positive Sum vs. Zero Sum in P.E.; how quality P.E. improves student attention and focus in other school subjects; and how good physical activity habits developed in the K-12 years lead to adults who prioritize lifelong physical fitness, among other topics.

Horn believes the trend of schools dropping or deemphasizing physical education is the exact opposite of where we need to go in this country. In fact, he believes fitness should actually be the centerpiece of K-12 school design, not just an add-on.

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