Rowman & Littlefield, the publisher of League of Fans’ sports policy director Ken Reed’s impactful book “How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan,” has announced that they will publish a paperback version of the book with a new introduction and updated action plan and resources section in February, 2023.

The book, which has a foreword by Ralph Nader, examines nine of the most pressing problems in sports today, including concussions and CTE, overzealous adults in youth sports, the disappearance of physical eduction from many school curriculums, the focus on finding new revenue streams over education in college athletics, discrimination in sports and more.

The hardcover edition of “How We Can Save Sports” has been popular with sports fans who are interested in current sports issues — and potentially getting involved as sports reformers to help make the world of sports more fair and just. The book has also been used in sports management and sports studies courses across the country.

“Sports, at all levels, have become so overcommercialized and professionalized that we are losing the original intent and spirit of sports,” says Reed.

“Ego-and-greed-based forces are too often driving policy-making and decision-making in sports, even down to the little league level. ‘How We Can Save Sports’ is an attempt to help those who love sports — and want to see them be the best they can be for all stakeholders –become engaged beyond simply being a fan or sports participant. There are many things almost anyone who cares about sports can do to help enhance the positives and eliminate the negatives in the world of sports. This book was designed to give readers ideas regarding how they can get involved on critical sports issues, at the local, state or national level. I’m thrilled Rowman & Littlefield has decided to publish a paperback version of the book.”

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